South Coast Roast Coffee

Our connection to South Coast Roast started early on in our journey and the relationship has blossomed ever since. The final checkpoint of the first ever Velo Sur Mer alleycat was Boscanova and many other VSM events have since finished at South Coast Roast, forming the foundations of what was to become a solid friendship.

In October 2014 they agreed to join us in a collaborative pop up experiment to find out if Bournemouth was ready for a cycle cafe and so the first incarnation of Velo Domestique emerged.
Following the pop up’s success we decided to embark on our own adventure into forming our very own cycle cafe in Southbourne. Timing could not have suited us better as no sooner had we opened our doors but the South Coast Roast Coffee Roasters had started producing exceptional coffee in their new roastery beneath the Hilton in Bournemouth. We were invited to become the first cafe outside of the Boscanova family to serve their own roasted coffee, an opportunity which we were delighted to grasp.
So now as well as offering our single origin menu we have our own coffee blend ‘Whipskid’, roasted exclusively for us to be used in our filter coffee and served to you.
As if our paths could not be any further entwined, SCR Coffee Roasters’ head roaster Heather Anderson, who delivers our coffee to us by bike, has recently joined our fixed gear criterium team KYCU Velo and has been tearing it up in both the Velo Sur Mer and Red Hook Criterium series this year.
We look forward to working with the guys and gals at Boscanova and South Coast Roast for years to come and if somehow you haven’t already heard of them, then you’ve got a world of great tasting coffee yet to explore right here in Bournemouth.
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