5 IPAs you need to try right now

An IPA a day…

The heroic IPA, a beer invented to travel half way around the world has, in the last ten years, partly due to an American hoppy revolution, exploded back onto the popular beer drinking scene. To help you celebrate this wondrous beverage, we have compiled a shortlist of our top 5 IPAs:


Mikkeller – Simcoe Single Hop IPA

Part of a new series of single hop IPAs being released by the Danish craft masters Mikkeller. This deliciously fresh and hoppy IPA emphasises the citrus, grapefruit and pine flavours that have become synonymous with Simcoe hopped beers. The fruity aroma of this beer, twinned with a lasting bitter finish makes this one our favourite of the four part single hop series.


Magic Rock – Fantasma (Gluten Free) IPA

This beer is not just a delicious Gluten Free beer, it is a delicious hazy IPA with a tropical fruit aroma enjoyed by many who are completely unaware of the absence of gluten. The Magic Rock team have set out to ‘give coeliacs a beer they actually want to drink’ through the use of enzymes that modify the gluten proteins found in malted barley. Science and beer joining forces to save the worlds problems, Magic Rock, we salute you!


Partizan – Azacca Simcoe IPA

One of our favourites from our friends at Partizan, this IPA really packs a hoppy punch. A variety of flavours come through whilst drinking this full juicy beer. These brewers rarely make the same beer twice so grab it whilst you still can.


Firestone Walker – Leo vs Ursus Fortem Imperial IPA

Adam Firestone and David Walker have used the sparring Lion and Bear as a symbol for their brewing culture ‘which for 20 years has been forged by often opposing forces in pursuit of the perfect beer‘. This unfiltered new age Imperial IPA is outstanding, combining hops from the Pacific Northwest and Germany to create an expressive aroma of mango, pine and lime zest along with a grassy, oat taste with a strong hit pineapple.


The Way Out Back – Take me to Valhalla

Although this beer is technically a Pale Ale rather than an IPA, it’s powerful fruity and hoppy flavours meant we felt we had to include it in this list because you need to try it, RIGHT NOW! Rich at The Way Out Back has been working tirelessly to perfect this Mosaic single hopped beer and the results are impressive. We are excited to see what else is to come from this local Southbourne based brewery.


If you haven’t tried these tasty beers yet then get out there and get tasting, we assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

The guys at The Way Out Back are planning on opening a new brewery/taproom just down the road from us in Southbourne, check out more details here.

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