Celebrating 2 Years of Velo Domestique

Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

On Saturday 6th of January we celebrated our 2nd Birthday, thanks to everyone who joined us on the night and to everyone who has helped make Velo Domestique such a success of the last two years! Please take a look at our Press Release from the evening to see what we got up to in 2017:


Cycling has grown massively in recent years in the UK along with it it’s ever expanding community, encompassing all types of riders and cycling enthusiasts. When we set out to join the growing number of cycle cafes around the UK in January 2016, we decided our goals would be to engage as many members of this community as possible, as well as to encouraging more people to get out on their bicycles and enjoy everything cycling has to offer.

We at Velo Domestique have been lucky enough to build on our existing community of fellow cyclists and friends over the past two years and it has now grown into a huge family, made up of everyone who has ever come and joined us for a coffee, had us take care of their bike or enjoyed one of our Breakfast Burritos.

It is you, our friends and customers, that give us the love for what we do. Our passion comes from helping people enjoy the things that we ourselves do. Those who have taken up or got back into cycling since walking through our doors inspire us the most. To us, being a hub for anyone who needs us to help keep them rolling is hugely important and we hope to be able to continue doing so for many years to come.

The strong community that has built around Velo Domestique has enabled us to be more involved in charity related activities this year: we marshalled Bike to Bestival, which raised £12,579 for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Our annual Cranksgiving event grew hugely, meaning we collected over 65kg of food for Bournemouth based food bank ‘Hope for Food’. We have continued to service unwanted bikes for those within the Adult Social Care system, to assist them by providing a sustainable mode of transport to help them with their lives.

Sarah has continued to develop and improve our menu, adding our delicious American style pancakes as well as making our Breakfast Burrito which we believe to be one of the best received dishes on the South Coast. This year, we will be bringing you more Latin Tacover events so stay tuned for further announcements. Many of our dishes incorporate sourdough bread from our friends at Bakehouse 24; in 2017 we have furthered this relationship by organising bike rides to their fantastic sourdough pizza nights at their bakery in Ringwood over the summer. We are looking forward to many more of these in 2018.

2017 was the 3rd competitive season for our Fixed Criterium team KYCU Velo, supported by our good friends at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. The team added new members to our squad and took part in 9 major race events in 6 different cities in 5 different countries across Europe. The squad are looking forward to taking part in a number of Bikepacking events this year as well as more Fixed Crits. It has been fantastic to increase the number of female riders in our team as well as participants in our events. Gender parity in cycling is very important to us; recent stats have shown that nearly three times as many men as women cycle ‘regularly’ in the UK, compared to women in the Netherlands who make up 55% of all ‘regular’ cyclists. In 2018 we hope to get an even wider range of people out on their bikes as much as possible.

Functionality and beauty combining in the cycling world is a wonderful thing (as illustrated by Teddy) which is why it has been a pleasure to work closely with two of our favourite bike brands this year; Brother Cycles and Omnium Cargo Bikes. 2017 saw the first ever Brother in the Wild (BITW) ride, a two day bikepacking adventure through the New Forest which attracted cyclists from all over the UK (as well as some from Germany). Being able to support a company with such a fantastic ethos and contagious enthusiasm was lots of fun, save the dates for this year’s BITW on April 21st and 22nd. Brother Cycles continue to create tough, versatile bikes, ready for anything you can throw at them. We’re excited to stock their new range set to be released over the next few months.

Since opening, we have been fortunate enough to stock cargo bikes from Omnium, a Copenhagen based two-wheeled cargo bike manufacturer. These bikes are by far the easiest cargo bikes to ride in the world and they can carry a huge 175kg with ease, whilst weighing just under 18kg themselves. This summer we were fortunate enough to travel to Copenhagen and meet world famous bike messenger and Omnium founder Jumbo. The city of Copenhagen has inspired us to try and engage even more members of our own local community into cycling so they too can see the many benefits of a bike filled lifestyle.

One of our custom built Omnium cargo bikes has enabled Heather and the team at the SCR Roastery to deliver their freshly roasted coffee to the growing number of cafes they supply using pedal power. We are proud to be the first independent cafe to have stocked the Roastery’s own roasted beans and look forward to future blends and single origin coffees coming from them. Our single origin pour over menu has been growing in popularity as well as the now famous ‘Flat Press’, our own manual brew version of a Flat White.

Most importantly over the past year we have been lucky enough to have more people come and see us, we thought we would list some of our achievements over 2017 which we would not have been able to accomplish without you:

  • Collectively you managed to eat 2585 breakfast burritos
  • We helped Bike to Bestival riders raise £12,579 for the Ellan MacArthur Cancer Trust
  • You drank over 3000 liters of our speciality filter coffee blend ‘Whipskid’
  • Two new Velo Domestique staff babies were born (Afra and Jessie)
  • Sarah made 232 tacos on our first ever Latin Tacover night
  • Jacob became a professional ski instructor
  • We introduced our range of carefully selected craft beers
  • Together we ate over 600 of Sarah’s brownies

It has been an absolute pleasure to spend 2017 with you all. It is remarkable to think that two years have already passed since we first opened our doors here in Southbourne. We are excited to spend many more years together enjoying hundreds more rides, thousands more Breakfast Burritos and millions more coffees with you all.

Huge thank you to:

Maurice and Pauline Cocking, Sarah Farenden, Teddy Hammer, Jacob Smith, Ben Ramshaw, Kyle Grainger, Layla Aylott, George Maund, Jake Lovell, Aida Montes Rodriguez, Charley Calvert, Jo Mulvey, Darcy, Kendall Green, Paul, Felix, Heather and the Roastery crew, Marc, Pete and the BH24 team, the KYCU Velo Squad, Max, Dan, Justin, Toby Mulvey, Mike and the Wessex CTC, Niamh, Chloe, Jason Falconer, Stewart Gilbert, Luke, Kyle, Will and James from Brother Cycles, Jim Cregan and the Jimmy’s crew, Jumbo and Steinen from Omnium, Luke and Louise, Daniel Mateus and the Mateus family, Hubert, Big Dan, Milly and the Bestival team, all of the Bike to Bestival Marshals, Lazy Day, Jay, Wes, Mr and Mrs Drake, Adam, Bing, Lisa Jay Benedetto, Deb from Cherry Bakeswell, Rosie the dog.


06 January 2018

Daniel Armstrong



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