Bournemouth’s First Bullitt Cargo Bike

Bournemouth's First Bullitt Cargo Bike

Bournemouth's First Bullitt Cargo Bike

Our new Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike has just landed, it’s already turning heads and got people asking questions. We’ve put together a few answers to help you understand what it’s all about and most importantly how it can help you.

What is it?
The Bullitt bike is the strongest, fastest and most reliable long-john style cargo bike on the planet. It can carry anything from kids to concrete all while looking stylish.

Where does it come from?
These are designed by Copenhagen based company Larry vs Harry, we import them and you ride them.

Does it only come in orange?
The Bullitt cargo is the king of customised cargo cycles, not only do they have a range of 9 different colours (including raw aluminium) but their finishing kits and components are fully customisable.

What makes it so special?
To quote the designers Larry vs Harry, ‘The Bullitt cargo bike is a game-changer. It’s dirt cheap in comparison to running a vehicle, cycling is healthy and you will be amazed at how much time you save.’

How much is it?
We can build you a custom Bullitt cargo bike here at Velo Domestique starting at £2400.

More details on the Bullitt bike and how it is changing the world will be coming soon, in the meantime email or call us to book a free appointment to discuss build options, our extended trial offers and how you can get your own.

Tel: 01202 432265

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