What is a ‘FLAT PRESS’ Coffee?

Flat Press

Flat Press

Our alternative to the famous ‘Flat White’ is the ‘Flat Press’. A short shot of Aeropress brewed coffee, perfectly balanced with silky-smooth steamed milk and a thin layer of microfoam.

So how is the flawless ‘Flat Press’ we make you at Velo Domestique different to a ‘Flat White’? The renowned ‘Flat White’ is the perfect ratio of espresso coffee to milk. It is smoother than a cappuccino and has less milk than a latte.

We specialise in filter and pour over coffee, which means that when it comes to an espresso alternative, we use the AeroPress. An AeroPress coffee shot speaks for itself, full of flavour and sophisticated, everything we want to make you from fresh locally roasted coffee beans. The AeroPress coffee brewing process is shorter, making the coffee less bitter, with lower acid levels, which sits easier on your stomach and the AeroPress filter ensures only the smoothest coffee makes it into your cup.

We love our AeroPress not just because it makes fantastic coffee, it’s also designed by the same guy who invented the Aerobie frisbee. His name is Alan Adler, and he said – “The AeroPress allows anyone making the coffee to be an inventor of sorts.”

So that is why we invented the ‘Flat Press’ just for you.

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Photos: Kyle Grainger

Words: Jenny Cocking


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