Introducing Bergamont’s Innovative 26″ Electric Bike for the Smaller Rider

Say hello to the Bergamont E-Horizon 6 Wave, ready to save you time, help you go further and explore even more.

One of the latest bikes to arrive in stock from the Bergamont team is the innovative 26″ wheeled E-Horizon 6 Wave. Not only does this electric bike come with the well above average finishing kit and spec found on all Bergamont eBikes, but it is also one of the first eBikes on the market designed to fit smaller riders.

The smaller 26″ wheels (as opposed to the more common eBike 700c or 29″) allow for a slightly more compact frame geometry. This combined with the unique to Bergamont ‘Wave’ frame shape, enables riders between 155cm and 175cm to comfortably use this bike.

Fitted with the extremely smooth and quiet Bosch Drive Unit Active Line pedal-assist motor and a 400Wh lithium battery, this eBike offers huge value for its price point. As with all Bergamont bikes, the finishing kit is of high quality throughout: Selle Royal saddle, SKS mudguards and built-in B&M lights. This teamed with hardwearing components from Shimano and Schwalbe, including Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (fitted as standard to all Bergamont eBikes) come together to create exceptional overall ride quality and durability.

Please contact us about taking one of our Bergamont eBikes for a test ride today and see how our eBikes can help you enjoy cycling further, for longer and more efficiently.

Complete bike: £2049.00

Tel: 01202 432265


Our stocked bicycle brands are chosen based on their quality, innovation and value for money to our customers. Bergamont’s range of bikes fit these criteria perfectly: offering high quality, well-specced complete bikes at an affordable price point. We also stock bikes from Brother Cycles, Aventon, 6KU, Larry vs Harry and Omnium.

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